Chaos To Clarity™

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Simon has a special genius for reducing complex problems and systems into the simple & ordered,
Of Cutting through the Chaos and Transforming Into Clarity
If you ever get the chance to learn from or have Simon work with you,
whether it’s solving a problem or creating a more optimal future..
Jump at it.

– Sarah Hunt

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.

M.C. Escher

Signs Of Chaos™

  • Breakdowns

    There are breakdowns – communications, relationships, systems, technologies – and as a result things take more time, energy and money to get complete if at all.

  • Negatives

    There is dissatisfaction – internally and externally, this can be visible or hidden.

  • Empty

    There is often a lack of energy, resources, people – internally or externally.

  • Waste

    There is often a lack of momentum, optimisation and as a result waste.

Signs Of Clarity

  • Integrity

    In general things work better which is a sign that clarity and integrity are more aligned.

  • Positives

    There is satisfaction – internally and externally there is recognition and reward.

  • Full

    There is often a flow and momentum and abundance of energy, resources, opportunities, people – internally or externally.

  • Efficiencies

    Things are streamlined, orchestrated and resources seem to be available as they are needed, with little wastage.

Right now which is your priority?

Prioritisation is one of the keys to moving from Chaos To Clarity™, and no matter how large the undertaking it always begins with a first step.

It is also important to note that these three distinctions and areas of life do interact and often more than we realise especially in today’s hyper connected world.

So, if you find yourself unsure perhaps you’ll see that more will be possible through moving from Chaos To Clarity™.


Do you see that starting with your own personal clarity – for yourself and your life is most vital?


Is your focus your business venture – either your own as a Shareholder, Founder/Ceo or as an employee?


Is there a project, venture – including a charity / non-profit – initiative that you most want to focus on?

Which of these 3 states best describes you today?

Immediate Action Needed

Do you know that you need to take action right now to navigate your challenges and opportunities?

When time seems to have run out, these are the times when getting outside perspectives quickly is vital.

Often regrets come from not taking action at all, or realising too late that there were other options.

Our recommendation is to take action now to get the clarity you need to make the choices that will serve you.

Breakthrough Action Needed

Do you know that you need new perspectives, ideas and actions to produce breakthrough results?

There is a saying “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always got.” and this is part of the story.

It can take an outsider’s observations to show you what is missing and lives outside the comfort zones you’ve gotten used to.

Starting / Reset Action Needed

Do you have the opportunity to explore how to optimise before you begin or while you are in a reset?

When you have everything available it can be hard to know what’s really possible, and how to start. All the more so when you are looking at a strategic reset.

This can be very confusing and frustrating, it can also be a transformative experience that is priceless.

The Universe, Business & Life is Dynamic, so rather than dreaming the apparent Chaos would stop, we need to learn how to gain the Clarity to navigate more optimally & thrive in the dance.

Simon Hedley