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Know Your Privacy Settings on Social Networks

Looking through a lensTeaching people to protect their privacy and set comfortable boundaries for their personal and professionals lives on the Web has always been a focus of our work here at Chaos To Clarity—and based on the ever-changing privacy settings of most social networks we won’t stop any time soon. If you don’t check your privacy settings every time you join a social network or when a social network notifies you of changes, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf for the new year.

As a special thanks to our newsletter subscribers we’ve decide to contribute a bit of clarity to one lucky person’s life by addressing personal profile privacy setting conundrums and giving away a 90 minute Audit of Social Network Profile Privacy Settings for the New Year.

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5 Lucky Links: Twitter Hashtags

Twitter HashtagsUse these 5 lucky links to help you figure out how hashtags can improve your time on Twitter. Link Friday is a regular feature. Do you have another one to recommend? Add a comment and let us know.

Are you using Hashtags on Twitter? If you put the # before a topic in your tweet, then you’re on the way to connecting with other people interested in the topic. Learn more about hashtags [#=hash + topic=tag] and the benefits of topical tweeting with the links below.