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Research Strategies and Skills for Business

Man with books in libraryIf you’re a consultant, freelancer, or small business owner, at some point you’ll need to do research for your business. Maybe you’ll need to do market research, compare insurance plans, manage your reputation online, or scope out the competition. Whatever the topic, you’ll need a strategy, tools to work with the information you find, and the skills to manage the logistics—and that all comes before you can even start making sense of whatever you find.

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7 Lucky LinkedIn® Links for Job Seekers and Professionals

Job Openings SignEnjoy these 7 lucky LinkedIn® links from our collection on delicious. Do you have another one to recommend? Let us know by adding a comment. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. LinkedIn SuperGuide -Tutorials, Tips and Tools – Answering the power user call is easier with this wonderful collection of resources from Interactive Insights Group.

2. Social Media Sonar » Blog Archive » Can LinkedIn Work for You? (part 1 of 10) – Check out Sean Nelson’s updated blog post series on making LinkedIn work for you. Most people never take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer, what will you do?

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LinkedIn—5 Steps to a Better Company Presence

Blank Business CardAfter doing an introductory teleconference on LinkedIn® last week, I started thinking about the most important things companies can do to leverage LinkedIn for business right now while waiting for more new features. The company pages are currently in beta, meaning not quite full-featured yet, but what if you want to get started right away?