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Telling a Story = Smart Marketing

boy and girl with bookPeople are storytelling creatures. Who doesn’t remember a story from childhood that stood the test of time? It may have been written, it may have been told, it may have been a formal “story” or it may have been a recounting of events that happened to you or to someone else. When families and friends get together, telling stories about the past builds relationships as we look back on shared experiences, shapes our memories of what actually happened, and can get people in a similar emotional groove.

Sharing information in the form of a story also makes it more memorable and gives us the freedom to make sense of how the information relates to our lives (or not). Religions and teaching traditions have used stories for centuries for just that reason.

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Meet other Business Owners for Networking & Camaraderie

Business PeopleBefore the Thanksgiving holiday, we spoke at the Women Business Owners of Montgomery County (WBO) November meeting on creating a web presence or strategy that fits your business, your market, and will help you meet your goals. I have been a member of WBO for several years now and found that WBO is great way to meet other local woman business owners for networking, camaraderie, and learning.

Over the years we’ve spoken to many groups in the Washington, D.C. area like the Association of Wedding Professionals, American Independent Writers, DC Web Women, Professional Photographers Society of Greater Washington, Capital Creativity Network, and Capital PC Users Group, Entrepreneurs & Consultants Special Interest Group to name a few.