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To-Do List for Success in a Digital World

Let’s start with the most important drivers of success in a digital world—you and your digital practice. Take a minute to think about your daily habits and workflow. What helps you get through the day and make the most of your time and energy? Are your favorite methods old school? Or have you shifted towards digital?

You probably have a number of tricks up your sleeve, so let’s use the humble to-do list as an example. A to-do list is great for keeping up motivation throughout the day or for keeping a large project on track. The basic idea is simple:

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Online Business Application Roundup

Modern buildingWe’ve added (and dropped) a few applications since our last online application roundup. Here are the 5 main reasons we use online applications in our work and to run our business:

1. Platform neutrality. We use both Macs and Windows machines, so platform neutral applications are a must.

2. Ease of information sharing. Online applications allow us to keep everything in one place so that the information can be shared easily among several users without having to maintain a company server.

3. Access from anywhere. When an application is on the Internet, accessing it from different computers or devices is a breeze.

4. Backup and security. Online business applications that come with file storage take care of daily backups and secure your information. One less thing to worry about!

5. Frequent improvements. Because the applications are housed on the provider’s servers, there’s no software for you to upgrade. Poof! Improvements just appear.

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Choosing a Secure Web Browser for Your Business

browsersIn the last month or so Internet Explorer® (IE), Firefox® and Chrome® all released new versions of their browsers, creating an excellent opportunity to take a look at the web browser landscape and make sure that you’re using the best browser for your business and your personal surfing.

Both Windows® and Mac® computers come loaded with a web browser—Windows comes with IE and the Mac comes with Safari®. The default browser may be convenient at first, but its not always the best choice for security or browsing experience. There are many web browsers to choose from, but the main browsers in the United States are: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

When choosing a web browser the most important aspect to pay attention to it security. There are numerous ways in which the bad guys can compromise your computer (and your privacy) with a poorly constructed browser.

Online Business Applications We Can’t Work Without

Person writing on laptopAt Chaos To Clarity there are several online applications that we use to work and run our business. They’re 5 main reasons we use online applications:

1. They’re platform neutral. Much of desktop business software is still Windows only, but my main computer is a Mac. Online applications are typically Mac-friendly.

2. Share with others. Everything is in one place and online so information can be shared easily among several users without having to maintain a company server. It’s like having an enterprise level application without the cost.

3. Access it anywhere. Because it’s on the Internet you can access your applications from different computers. When I need a change of scenery, I move from my desktop to my laptop (soon to be iPad) and take off while still having easy access to my programs and files.