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Blogs to Help You Keep Up With Technology

RSS FeedBlogs offer you a great way to find out what’s happening in the world of technology. You can view a blog through your Internet browser, or subscribe to a RSS feed using a reader (a feed keeps you up to date on new additions to a blog). The advantage of RSS feeds is that you can subscribe to a blog and when a new entry is posted, it shows up on your computer in your reader program. It takes no effort on your part to seek it out. In addition to blogs, you can subscribe to news feeds from all the major newspapers and magazines and even select which topic areas (Politics, Style, Metro etc.) you want to keep up with regularly.

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My Top 5 Firefox Add-ons for Everyone

FirefoxInternet Explorer® may be the most common Internet browser used, but it isn’t the best. I’ve found that most people use Internet Explorer because it came with their computer, not because they actively chose it. Anyone reading this post that doesn’t use Firefox® should take a look at it. It is more secure than Internet Explorer and there are hundreds of add-ons that allow you to customize Firefox to fit your needs.