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To-Do List for Success in a Digital World

Let’s start with the most important drivers of success in a digital world—you and your digital practice. Take a minute to think about your daily habits and workflow. What helps you get through the day and make the most of your time and energy? Are your favorite methods old school? Or have you shifted towards digital?

You probably have a number of tricks up your sleeve, so let’s use the humble to-do list as an example. A to-do list is great for keeping up motivation throughout the day or for keeping a large project on track. The basic idea is simple:

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Web content strategy map, part 1

Web Content Strategy & Personal Boundaries for Business

Your Web Content Represents Your Business Brand

The first post in this series, Set Web Content Boundaries & Free Yourself, grew out of my work with clients around the concerns and discomfort many small business owners feel when faced with the need to use social networks and social media for business. Since the lines between personal and public keep blurring, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel overwhelmed.

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4 Ways to Map Your Web Content Boundaries for Business

Business Web Content Strategy Starts with Your Boundaries

My last post introduced the idea that when you create boundaries for your web content, you free yourself to participate in social networking and social media. Knowing and getting comfortable with the subjects and topics you’ll address on specific web properties will increase your confidence, benefit your target audiences, and better represent your brand.