Devorah Spilman Interview—Storytelling & Storyselling

Devorah Spilman

Devorah SpilmanDevorah Spilman of Spilman Storyselling™ is a professional storyteller and nonprofit development expert who teaches powerful storytelling techniques designed to help you and your business succeed.

Telling a powerful brand story has never been more important for business owners and entrepreneurs—as citizens of the digital world we face information overload every day. A powerful story or a well-chosen metaphor can make a complicated service easier to understand or help potential clients and customers quickly grasp the value of doing business with you.

As our brand storyteller, I help clients tell business brand stories with WordPress websites and the Social Web, which is why I appreciate Devorah’s knowledgeable and practical approach to all things story. It’s my pleasure to share our conversation about using story in business and to introduce you to her practice.

Listen in for advice on finding powerful stories in your own life and work, using metaphors to increase the effectiveness of your communication, and much more. So many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to use story effectively; thankfully storytelling for business is a learned skill so you can start building your story skills today.

Don’t forget to visit Devorah’s website to learn more about her storyselling training and coaching services. While you’re there sign up for her free Power of Story video series, it’s jam-packed with practical tips and tools that you can begin using right away. You won’t want to miss a thing she has to share!