Live into Your Brand by Creating Content

seedling in hand

Does Creating Content Taking a lot Out of You?

seedling in handThese days it’s a given that business owners are feeling pressured to put someone in charge of creating content that will support the business brand. The whirl and twirl of regular content creation can make a person’s head spin—it feels challenging to many professionals and daunting to many more. A content strategy is only one part of the solution. What about when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the need to consistently create content?

I suggest you take charge of—some of the few things that are really in your control— your perspective and motivation.

First, your perspective. Instead thinking about content that will build your brand, think about creating content as a way to live into your brand.

If you focus on content as a way to build your brand—the focus and the pressure stay on you. When you shift your perspective and ask how the creating content will help you live into your brand, the focus shifts and the pressure lifts.

No matter what your brand represents, excellent customer service, innovative solutions, or making the trains run on time, your clients and customers see it as all about them. Your clients seek out businesses they can trust, solutions they can count on, and reliable ways to get from here to there—so live into your brand by creating content that speaks to their needs, helps them meet their goals, and delivers what you’re known for.

As you think about content as an extension of your existing success, you might recognize new opportunities emerging from client questions or concerns. Instead of keeping your customer service decisions between you and a specific customer, you can educate everyone about the way you do business and how they will benefit (while protecting confidentiality, of course).

You might discover that you need to create less content in-house and decide to share more great ideas from your colleagues or even your competitors. Recognizing and sharing useful content that other people create is a business strategy that shows your audience that you’re putting their needs first, and that builds trust.

Building on what you’re already known for and good at will also keep you motivated. It’s easy to get bogged down when you’re trying to be awesome all the time. Play to your strengths and leave some room for happy in your content creation schedule.

When you find yourself celebrating your brand strengths by creating content that meets your audiences’ needs, take a moment to appreciate the power of using content creation to live into your brand. Then do it again.