Research on Small Businesses & Social Media—The PB&J Effect?

Small business owners and social media seem like a match made in heaven—but what does the research say?

Annita Campbell of Small Business Trends reports on a recent survey of 1,200 members of Manta, an online small business community that found 39% of its small business members get a return on their social media investment.

When small businesses put someone on the social media case, they are implementing a business decision to dedicate human resources to social media—so they are already demonstrating confidence in a pay-off. From spending more time on social media, to plans for additional investment in the near future, Manta members are voting for social media with their personnel and budgets.

The social media project remains experimental for small businesses as they search for pathways to results. Even though results from social media efforts can be difficult to quantify in dollar amounts, they are very real—just like other intangible assets including intellectual property, brand recognition, and consumer goodwill.

What will the future bring for your social media outreach?

RIO in Social Media infographic

[via Manta]