Your WordPress Website Needs Maintenance

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Why WordPress Maintenance Services Matter

WordPress logoYour self-hosted WordPress business website needs regular WordPress maintenance services to keep it working properly. What if a potential client goes to your website to learn about your services and some pages aren’t there anymore? Or the pages they see have images covering the text? What if your website doesn’t come up at all? Potential clients will probably take their business elsewhere.

Your WordPress website is made up of 3 components: the WordPress core, plugins, and a theme, all of which require regular updates. Some updates are minor and some are major. Updating all the components of your WordPress website helps protect against security holes and bugs. Security holes can easily let crackers (evil hackers) into your website to wreak havoc, while bugs can break your website. If you want your business to thrive and look good on the Web, then you need regular WordPress maintenance.

Who Should Perform WordPress Maintenance?

When a website is critical for your business, it will need regular maintenance by a skilled professional. WordPress makes it easy for you to add a new page or a new blog post, but working with the technical side of your website is requires an entirely different skill set. Maintaining a WordPress site for business requires PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL expertise. The right person to protect your business investment on the Web knows all of the software, as well as the programming and the Web languages behind WordPress. They should also know how to help you meet your goals by leveraging the technical side of your WordPress website.

When you establish a WordPress maintenance service agreement with a WordPress expert, you’ll have someone in your corner that can perform updates, solve problems, and troubleshoot as needed. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing if and when something goes wrong; an expert is on the case.

What Should Regular Maintenance Entail?

I recommend backing up your website daily and applying any updates weekly, as well as performing weekly tests / reviews to ensure that the site is functioning properly. It’s also essential to verify all updates (to the WordPress core, plugins, and theme) in a test environment before applying them to your website. Testing is critical because WordPress websites are made up of many integrated parts and there is no guarantee that an update will work properly or smoothly.

When all is said and done, maintaining your website and providing the best functionality for your visitors go hand in hand. Working with a WordPress expert who understands how to help you achieve your business goals, in addition to having the right technical expertise, will protect your investment and help your business succeed on the Web.