How WordPress Works [Infographic]

How WordPress Works

Your website or blog probably runs on WordPress software. Over 73 million websites and blogs do. Here’s a behind the scene explanation without the tech mumbo jumbo. Okay there’s a little :-).

How WordPress Works Infographic

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WordPress Anatomy

1. WordPress Core. Main software files (php & javascript) & database (MySQL).

2. Theme. The look and feel of your site. You can buy a theme or have a custom one created for you.

3. Plugins. Add features and functionality beyond the core installation.

You need the WordPress core and a theme for WordPress to work. Plugins are not required.

How It Works Together

1. Content is added to your website / blog through the Administration Panel (part of the core).

2. It’s stored in a MySQL database.

3. Your website shows the stored database content. The appearance is controlled by the Theme.