How To Get Web Content that Works for Your Business

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Web Content First for a Great Impression!

Websites are crucial business communication tools. What you communicate on your site matters to your visitors and to your bottom line, so it makes sense to consider all aspects of your communication right from the start. Since websites often shape a potential customer or client’s first impression of your organization, you’ll want to make the most of that opportunity by having a site that says something worthy of their attention.

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Clients often wonder why we insist that having all site content and having it in final draft shape is an essential step before creating or redesigning a website. Our answers are grounded in the professional realities of 3 essential roles that will make or break the final product 1.) a web content creator, 2.) a web designer, and 3.) a web developer

As web professionals we consider the complex interplay of content, design, and development, and then devise processes that support our work and consistently provide high-quality products for our clients. Our process at Chaos To Clarity builds on our different areas of expertise and incorporates 20+ years of communication, education, and concept development work, as well as 14+ years of experience providing real world solutions to complex web design and development challenges.

Creating Powerful Content Requires More Than Writing

Imagine that you have a web presence strategy and a clear picture of your future website structure (that’s the very first step in our web process). Now what? Planning, creating, and refining the content that will fill that structure is a multifaceted process that will ultimately drive the success or failure of your project.

Creating powerful web text is about much more than knowing how to write for the Web or even doing the actual writing. Determining how to convey your brand story effectively, crafting marketing messages, researching key words for search engine optimization (SEO), and maintaining a telescoping perspective that constantly shifts between macro and micro are all critical for your site.

Compelling content must stand on its own when it comes to capturing and keeping visitor attention—a good design may hold someone’s interest temporarily, but a website’s ease of use and valuable content bring people back. Web text must be written for people, optimized for search engines, leverage your business brand story, communicate important information clearly, and help you achieve your web presence goals.

For these and other reasons our clients do not try to create website content on their own. We do expect clients to play a significant role in guiding the substance of the content we will create, but it’s most effective, efficient, and budget-friendly for us to handle the details.