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Scribe SEO Tool logoUsing an SEO tool to help your web content get noticed by more of your target audience is a great option for small business bloggers. Start by doing your homework using some of the great free tools available on SEOBOOK  or try Google’s Keyword Tool.

If you’re writing text for a WordPress website or blog, you can keep it search engine friendly with the Scribe SEO WordPress plugin. The Scribe SEO tool is a great help to experienced and novice writers alike. The more complex search engine algorithms become, the more useful it is to have instant feedback on one way your text is likely to be interpreted. Of course the exact algorithms used by search companies like Google and Bing are closely guarded secrets, but a good SEO analysis tool will approximate the results and make it easy for you to adjust your content accordingly.

How Does the Scribe SEO Tool Work?

After writing your text, run an evaluation to learn how search engines will evaluate the content on the page. You’ll love the instant feedback when you analyze text. For example, I immediately realize if I missed a crucial component like the post description or link placement and I learn which keywords my post actually reflects. Despite the best of intentions, it’s easy to miss the mark on keywords (overdoing, misplacing, or under utilizing) and the Scribe SEO tool immediately sets you straight. You’ll also get  helpful explanations on improving any areas that need it and suggestions on how to proceed. After making your changes, run the evaluation again and see what happens.

When you purchase Scribe SEO, your cost is based on the number of evaluations available per month. If you blog weekly, go with a lower plan. If you blog 3+ times per week you’ll need more evaluations to cover all your posts and you can adjust accordingly. In the beginning you’ll want to run most posts 4-5 times, then as you catch on you’ll probably need less evaluations per post to get the scores you’re looking for.

In addition to analyzing blog posts, Scribe is perfect for analyzing static website text as well. If you had a professional create your content with SEO in mind, then it will be even more important not to loose all that work if you make changes to a page on your own. There’s no worry if you use a tool to re-analyze the text after making changes–especially when the tool also provides suggestions to help you meet different goals. Instant feedback works very well for most adult learners, and for a time-challenged business owner who blogs it’s a huge relief.

Be sure to take the recommendations with a grain of common sense. Scribe SEO is not a magical decoder, it is a fantastic learning tool that you can use as long as you like  since there’s no long-term commitment required. It will save you tons of trial-and-error learning time, improve your writing for the Web, and keep you focused.

What’s not to love?

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Full disclosure: We are became an affiliate after using and loving Scribe ourselves and seeing how much our clients benefit as well.