New Video on Successful Website Content

Creating successful content for small business websites requires specialized skills these days. If you’re not sure what’s involved or what all the fuss in about, take a look at our new video. We cover the basics you need to know and describe a process that works very well for our clients–some of whom are initially surprised to discover that we don’t even talk about site design or development until all of the content is complete.

In our experience, the process of refining a client’s business brand story and message, in ways that help create a web presence for the future, leads to all manner of adjustments over the course of a website project. We’d waste time, energy, and money if we moved forward on design and development without solid content–not to mention the lost benefits for clients who need the guidance and support that comes along with the process itself to make the transition to a successful business web presence.

Even if you’re an experienced, web-savvy writer and creating your website content sounds like fun, you should make sure that you’re prepared to cover all the bases and to get outside help if and when you need it. Website text must be written for people first, then optimized for search engines if you want to reap the full benefits of your efforts and investment.

Written text is just one type of content, but it’s the primary content format on most small business websites. We write the text for client websites and encourage them to learn how to write for the Web by blogging and using Scribe, a cost effective search engine optimization (SEO) tool, to get instant feedback on creating more search engine friendly posts. Writing effectively is a learned skill, and so is writing effectively for the Web. We have complete faith that you can learn, and we recommend that you do so in a controlled environment that doesn’t carry the same marketing weight as the pages on your website.