Google+ Links for Business

Google+We’re three months into this experiment aka Google+ and the buzz just keeps growing. Yesterday a member of our Facebook community asked if we had a tutorial in the works and the short answer is no, not at the moment. Especially because it is still in beta (that’s tech speak for available but still in late stage development–in other words the only guarantee IS change).

It’s also an invitation only party, and we’ll give away invitations on our blog next week for those of you who want to check it out.

Why Google+ ?

If you’re wondering what on earth to do with another social network, you are not alone. Chris Brogan has 50 ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities of Google+.

Employment numbers are on many minds today, and Mashable has a helpful post on using Google+ for your job search.

We always emphasize the importance of thinking about privacy implications even before joining a new social network and Google+ is no exception. This post from Lifehacker is a great place to start getting familiar with Google+ privacy and controlling your information.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Google+ privacy guide if you want the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth, and while you’re in the neighborhood check out Google’s own info on the Google+ project.

OK, I’m in. Now what?

Here’s a quick video intro to  Google+ basics including Circles, Sparks, Google Profile, and sharing updates from the always helpful John Haydon–via our friends at Social Fish. (FYI both these folks are a great resource and specialize in community building and social media for nonprofits). Along those lines, check out John’s post with 9 steps to get your nonprofit started on Google+ too.

As usual Mashable has a number of useful resources to get you started. Here are a few we like:

For all you freelancers and solopreneurs out there who want to get up to speed for your business, have a look at 20 of the Best Google+ Guides for Freelancers.

And finally, for all you Chrome lovers out there,  you’ll find a useful post at ZoomZum with 12 excellent Google+ extensions for Chrome.