Content Strategy Considerations: Presentations that Work for You

Silhouette of a group celebratingPresentations that aren’t just for napping anymore

Getting noticed on the Web can be challenging when everyone’s attention is so scattered. We advise clients to be proactive, create great content, and put it where their target audience would look for information.

Make sense? Add your content to a useful repository and it is more likely to attract the attention of your target audience. Presentations offer a great way to control your message and reveal your expertise, creativity, and ability to communicate.

Enter SlideShare, THE place for presentations on the Web. Not content to rest on its laurels, SlideShare has expanded its offerings to allow uploads of documents and videos and more. You sign up for a free account, and then post your content for the world to see.

Tag your presentations with keywords, and you will help your audience find them easily. Better yet, SlideShare integrates with your LinkedIn account so that your network can easily view your content as well. You can embed YouTube videos in your presentations and give your network a real show, or you can upload videos to SlideShare and share then with your network using the SlideShare app on LinkedIn. There’s a SlideShare app for Facebook too, for those of you who are getting more involved in Facebook for business.

A visit to SlideShare is also in order when you want to learn more about the content your competition is sharing on the Web. If you don’t find any relevant presentations, that’s a great time to add yours to the party and start capturing attention for your work. Not sure what makes a great presentation? Take a look at what other people have to share—learn what it takes to avoid getting stuck in 1999, find ideas on how to create powerful presentations, and see what good PowerPoint design looks like.

Browsing the featured section can entertain and inform—you may even learn more about the Department of Defense from presentations like this one on Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace. Organizations can have their own channel (representing a commitment to sharing content here) Pew Research, NASA, and the Congressional Budget Office just to name a few.

SlideShare’s blog is also a fantastic resource where they regularly collect great presentations on a particular topic—like these 6 slideshows to get you started with Google+ or this link to 28 presentation designs (both from their groovy newsletter).

*Chaos To Clarity has no formal relationship with SlideShare, we’re happy that one of our social media presentations made their featured list a year or so ago, but we’d use and love ‘em anyway!