Promote Your Business with the Social Web

Getting a website up is just the first step in a successful web presence—there is still a lot of hard work needed to successfully promote your business on the Social Web. That means you need to blog, use social networks, and reach out to your audience wherever they spend their time. Your marketing focus should be guided by your audience. For example, it makes a difference whether or not your business primarily sells to other businesses or to consumers. According to a recent Hubspot report, LinkedIn® is better for B2B (business to business) and Facebook is better for B2C (business to consumer). The result of their research certainly fits with the experience of many businesses we know.

Similarly, email newsletters are great if your audience is made up of boomers, but pretty useless if you’re selling to a younger crowd. Boomers are very attached to email and as a group prefer information to come directly to their inbox. The under 25 crowd is abandoning email for social networks and universities are actually changing their communication strategies to meet their student’s habits. It’s also important to note that youths are moving to Twitter even as their parents start using Facebook—no surprises there.

Blogging on your website frequently is one of the best ways to keep people interested in your business—because the Social Web has made giving away valuable information the norm. If your website doesn’t offer new information regularly, what about it will make visitors want to return? Regularly offer quality content on your blog to keep your target audiences coming back to your website.

Blogs are also great for search engine optimization (SEO) but you can’t just write and hope. Use a tool like Scribe to improve the SEO on each and every post so that your posts have a better chance of showing up in the search results.

Don’t forget to think about each aspect of your target audience’s demographics as you plan your marketing strategy—there are lots of options to leverage the Social Web and targeting your efforts to your audience will make all the difference.