Website / Blog Maintenance & Your Small Business

Ongoing Maintenance is Essential for a Successful Web Presence

web site construction imageA successful web presence requires ongoing upgrades and expert attention to your site’s technical requirements and needs. Whether it runs on software like WordPress or is coded in html, the underlying code needs updating to deal with changes to web browsers. Since the Web is fluid and changes at a rapid pace, website owners should plan for a technical review at least twice a year.

When new versions of the big 3 browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome) are released it’s always a good idea to have your web pro make sure everything on your site still works properly. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) includes big changes from browser version to browser version and those changes can cause visual and functional problems for existing sites. Don’t be surprised if elements of your website don’t work properly in the newly released IE 9 for example, and be aware that it won’t be your web designer / developer’s fault.

If your business website is critical for marketing or ecommerce, you should consider retaining a web professional to conduct weekly preventive maintenance and site checkups. If something does go wrong, you’ll have an expert who is familiar with your site ready and able to fix it. Having a web pro take care of the technical heavy lifting allows you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

For example, we offer stress-free WordPress maintenance packages for our clients and they appreciate that our service includes weekly database backups so that we can restore their site if necessary. There is no need for them to plow through WordPress documentation to determine when security and software updates should be applied, or if their site needs technical adjustments before an update should be applied. Understanding best practices and pitfalls of maintenance schedules, choosing optimal plugins to improve functionality, and maintaining regular backups should be the domain of a web professional.

I suggest freeing yourself from the expectation that you need to be a web expert to have a business or professional website / blog. Outsourcing can be a powerful growth strategy and at this stage in the Web’s existence it has become a full-time job to keep up. But is it your dream job?