Hire a Small Business Web Design Company

crosswordNow that you’ve considered your goals, audience, and market and developed a web presence budget, it’s time to hire a small business web design company to develop your website / blog. There are lots of companies to chose from so it might seem like a daunting task; but it doesn’t need to be. If you understand what’s required to create a professional web presence, it will be easier to make good decisions about your goals and choose the right small business web design company to help you meet them.

Hire a Company verses the Lone Freelancer?

Branding, strategy, creating content, developing information architecture, on-page SEO, designing to communicate a message, user-focused design—the list goes on. Creating a successful web presence is getting more complicated and requires multiple types of expertise. Expertise that is constantly changing and highly unlikely to be found in one person.

Take for example a recent small business website / blog we created worksitelactation.com. Jo Golden developed the strategy and wrote the content, Mor Vimmer created the design with the exception of the shopping cart, and I developed the site. We each brought different skill sets and ideas to the project and together created a far superior product to what any one of us could have done on our own. In our experience, a team creates products that are more than just the sum of our experience and knowledge—collaboration and professional engagement make all the difference in our small business web design company.

How to Hire a Small Business Web Design Company

Start by asking your business network for recommendations. If you use social networks, post a request for recommendations for web companies. Or if you’re a member of a business group, ask other members who created their website / blog. Look up the recommended companies on the Web. Check out their online portfolios or ask for links to sites they’ve done. You want a company that can create a variety of appealing looks and styles. Make sure they are full service company. Full-service doesn’t mean a large company but one that will:

  • help you with strategy,
  • create your content,
  • design and develop your website / blog,
  • perform maintenance on your website / blog, and
  • provide social networking services.

Once you’ve found a company, you should test out the waters before you sign a contract and fork over your hard earned money. Ask them to cost out the strategy component separately or consult with them on an hourly rate. If your working styles aren’t a fit, you’ve minimized your outlay. Compatible working styles are very important—you’ll need web pros in your corner as long as you have a web presence. We feel so strongly about this that we offer a low cost strategy package to allow clients to test the waters before fully committing to doing their site with us.