How-To Use Delicious: Tasty Research & Knowledge Sharing [Links]

delicious iconSince we’re sticking with Delicious as long as we can (as well as recommending it to clients), I’ve gathered some how-to video links to get you up to speed.

Here’s a comprehensive series of Delicious training videos from the University of  Westminster that is very helpful (if a bit dated)—watch the first 3 videos for how-to (installation instructions are out of date now) and if you’re still interested watch the rest, they are well worth the time.

Just want a quick intro? Here’s a good video from techbites on putting Delicious to work for you, although it too is a couple of years old.

Love those librarians for great knowledge-related tips and tricks. This video explains how the Stanislaus County Public Library uses Delicious and can help you think about organizing your data no mater what your project (and it is always best to think about these things up front!)

All in all, you’ll spend less than an hour with these videos and be very well informed about social bookmarking with Delicious and its tasty potential for your research and link sharing pleasure.