Delicious Drama & the Power of Social Bookmarking

delicious iconIn December we heard a rumor that our favorite social bookmarking site, Delicious, might go the way of the Dodo because it wasn’t a good fit for parent company Yahoo!’s portfolio. Happily, a trip to the Delicious blog reassured us that the prognosis remains optimistic. Yahoo! wants to sell Delicious and we’re hopeful that there will be a buyer, simply because the site is so well used and loved by its users.

For those of you who don’t use Delicious or any other social bookmarking site, we love  it because it’s so easy for us to use and it makes life easy for our clients. Social bookmarking allows us to keep and organize our professional bookmarks online and easily share them with clients (who can learn about their topic of interest and learn more about us and the issues we follow based on our entire bookmark collection and the tags we use). Bookmarks can be kept private so you don’t have to share everything, and there is a great share feature within delicious that lets us send bookmarks to to other Delicious users directly.

One advantage of bookmarking important information using a web-based service  is the ability to sign in to and access your bookmarks from any computer, another is the ease of tagging bookmarks by subject or any other way you choose. Forget about having to develop a sophisticated folder structure to keep your bookmarks organized, just tag them thoughtfully and you’ll be able to sort by tags whenever you like–overlapping tags will also help you make new connections among topics and sources. It’s also helpful to be able to make notes and store them with your bookmark–we encourage clients to let people know why they value a particular source whenever creating a new public bookmark.

Research is also a breeze with delicious, all those people publicly tagging content on the Web provides another layer of information about the sources themselves–people tag content they value and it’s great to know when other people value a source. Searching delicious also makes exploration fun–scan the hotlist to see what other people are reading and you’re bound to find something interesting–that’s a great feature of social bookmarking.

For now we’re keeping the faith that Delicious will survive and if not, we’ll export our bookmarks and move on to something new when the time comes.