Search Engines Lists & Directories [Links]

Magnifying GlassUsing the right search engine for the job can save you tons of time. Check out the links below to learn about specific search engines and what they can do for you. Do you have another one to recommend? Let us know by adding a comment.

1. Pandia Powersearch – Amazing all-in-one list of search engines and directories, including the hidden Web, audio and video, and much more.

2. Search Engines Directory – Search engine directory from a fantastic authority—check out the blog while you’re there.

3. Phil Bradley: Which search engine when? – Wondering which search engine is best for the job? Phil Bradley’s post can help.

4. What are the best search engines? – Search tips, how to, and top picks in plain language from

5. Wikipedia’s list of search engines – List of Wikipedia articles on all things search engine-related. A great resource Check out the Job section if your a job seeker.

6. Yahoo’s Search Engines and Directories –  List of search engines with minimalist descriptions.

7. The Search Engine List – Nice descriptions of different search engines.

And check out 10 Simple Google Search Tricks to get the most out of Google search.