7 Links for SEO [Links]

SEO WorddleIf you have a website, then it needs to be search engine friendly. Here are 7 links to help you learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1. SEO 101: Everything You Need to Know About SEO (But Were Afraid to Ask) – Great for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to write their own content.

2. 21 On-Site SEO Tips You Can Give to Your Online Copywriter – SEO guidance for writing web copy.

3. SEO Hierarchy of Needs – Nice SEO riff on Maslow.

4. The Blogger’s Guide to SEO – Offers a great beginner level introduction to SEO, demystifies Google’s influence, and has plenty of advanced content to keep you learning.

5. SEO For Small Business Executives: Understanding The Magic Of Meta-Data – Just the basics, perfect for a quick client-education response.

6. Microsoft’s Search Engine Optimization Advice for Bing – Always good to have bing on the radar when you’re optimizing your site–they’re determined to do things differently than Google.

7. Five Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings – Some basic steps to take towards improving your site’s SEO.