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ScribeWe just finished moving our website to a 100% WordPress format. Now the entire site is in WordPress, not just the blog portion. Of course we took the opportunity to overhaul our site and update all the content. Scribe SEO is the main reason we moved fully to WordPress. It is just easier to make all things WordPress search engine friendly using the Scribe WordPress plugin.

Our favorite thing about Scribe? It is a very effective self-education tool. After you write your text, you run an evaluation to see how it will appear to search engines. You get instant feedback on your writing and SEO efforts and helpful explanations on how to improve any areas that need it. Than you make some changes, run the evaluation again and see how you did. When you buy a particular level of Scribe, you get a particular number of evaluations per month. In the beginning you’ll want to run most posts 4-5 times, then you’ll catch on and need less evaluations to get the scores you’re looking for.

As an educator, that’s a big deal to me. And as a copywriter, it rules.

Always take the recommendations with a grain of common sense. Google won’t tell anyone its algorithm and Scribe is not a magical decoder. It is a fantastic learning tool that you can use as long as you like—there’s no long-term commitment required and it will save you tons of trial-and-error learning time.

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Full disclosure: We became an affiliate because we already use and recommend their product.