Email Overload—6 Links to Take Control [Links]

Post BoxesThe reports of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated.

Email has been in widespread use for over 20 years. Over the years, many have announced its impending doom and others have wish doom upon it. Regardless of your views, email is a necessity for doing business. Here are 5 links to help you use email more effectively in your business communications.

1. Guidelines for Effective E-mail Management – Tools & tips to help you gain control of your inbox.

2. The Email Signature: From Efficient to Overkill – Some good ideas as to what to include in an email signature.

3. How to Block Abusive or Unfriendly Email – Follow these steps to block an email user in Gmail.

4. What Is Your Auto-Reply Email Telling People About You? – Some good cautions on using auto-reply.

5. Help! My Email Accounts are Out of Control – Emails out of control? Then follow this advice for creating email order.

6. Taking Control of Multiple Email Accounts – More great advice on how to deal with multiple email accounts. And who doesn’t have that problem.