Watch Video (TV & Movies) Online [How-to]

MonitorSince Netflix rolled out streaming over the Internet in 2007, the options to watch video (movies & TV) along with listening to radio online have substantially increased. I consume most of my entertainment over the Web. Not because I don’t watch Network or Cable TV—I do—I just watch it on my own schedule.


The best place to watch video is Netflix because it has no commercial interruptions. You need to be subscribe to an unlimited plan but it’s inexpensive ($8.99/month). With my Wii I can stream video to my TV, park myself on my couch and choose from a very large selection of TV series and movies. Don’t have a Wii? You can stream directly to your TV with an XBOX, PS3 and many other devices.

If what I’m looking for isn’t on Netflix, I go to, an Internet TV directory. It directs you to both paid and free video sources.

Hulu is a partnership between NBC Universal, News Corp. and The Walt Disney Company so its heavy on video offerings from those companies. Generally you can watch the last few episodes of a TV series for free. Further back requires Hulu Plus ($9.99/month).

Amazon Video On Demand has a good selection of video to rent and own and you can stream to several devices including the XBOX. iTunes also offers movies and TV shows for sale.

Lastly network TV websites often have the latest programs online for free so it’s a great option to catch the latest episodes of your favorite show. You will have to suffer through the commercials.


The Web is also a great place to pick up radio shows and audio books. I’m an old time radio junkie—Gun Smoke, Dragnet, Johnny Dollar, X minus One, the Shadow, etc. So I was ecstatic when I ran across the OTR.Network Library. It has loads of these old radio programs. If you use it be sure to donate to keep it going.

Audible is another great online service to get audio content. In addition to audio books, you can purchase radio shows. When choosing books I stick to authors that are also performers like David Sedaris or Stephen Colbert. Naturally I bought the collection of old time radio shows. I can listen to the content from Audible on my computer or on my iPod.

The iTunes store is another way to get audio content. I get free podcasts of many of my favorite news programs and radio shows through iTunes. Many radio stations also offer live streaming through iTunes which is great if you want to listen to a radio stations a few states over from you.

Do you watch movies/TV online or listen to Internet radio? Where do you go to get your Internet video or audio fix?