5 Must Read Business Post

Business MeetingHere are 5 must read post for owners of business large and small:

1. Free is Not Always Good for Business – Free sounds good when you’re the one getting the free stuff or service. It’s not necessarily good when you’re the one giving away the free stuff or service.

2. Social Networking & Social Media are Here to Stay (Video) – Social networking are social media are not about the technology that lets it all happen. Social media and social networking are here to stay is because they meet our basic human needs for connection, autonomy, and meaning.

3. 5 Lucky Links on Monitoring Your Online Reputation (Link Friday) – Monitoring what people are saying about you or your company on the Web is an important strategy to protecting your brand reputation.

4. 7 Lucky Links to Share Your Passion & Build Your Business on the Social Web – Sharing your passion on the social web (social media and social networks) can be rewarding for you and for your connections and colleagues. If you’ve thought about increasing the reach reach of your network, here are links to help you think about your strategy in general.

5. Web Teams? YES! – Small business owners often try to do everything themselves, including their website. Often it makes more sense to turn their website/blog over to pros.