5 Links on Protecting Your Online Privacy [Link Friday]

KeysProtecting your privacy starts with you and the choices you make. Privacy online is a much bigger issue—if you want to know more, check out the following links.

1. The Center for Democracy and Technology’s Guide to Online Privacy will teach you the basics and has many useful tips.

2. Cookies are stored in your browser when you visit websites. Learn about what they mean for your privacy and how you can take control at Cookie Central.

3. Topsite compiled a great set of sites that can help you surf the Web anonymously, avoid spam, and encrypt your data to protect your privacy.

4. Are you a blogger? Check our the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s project Bloggers’ Rights. They have a large compilation of articles on privacy as well.

5. When you want to know more about privacy and civil liberties, the Electronic Privacy Information Center is must-look.