Self-Education with the Web: 7 Lucky Links

OwlTake charge of your education–it’s easier than ever with the many excellent (and often free!) resources available on the Web. You can empower yourself through education. What are you waiting for?

Here are 7 lucky links for your learning pleasure. Feel free to let us know about the ones you like too. Link Friday is a regular feature.

Jeff Cobb’s blog is not to be missed, start with this post highlighting 5 essential self-education sites for anyone who is serious about their journey.

The Online Education Database has a helpful list of Online Research Apps/Sites that is well worth a look.

Check out and their wide array of resources, start with these 10 tools for learning and their groovy list of Intelligent YouTube channels.

If online courses are your cup of tea take a look at 100 best Self-Education Sites for Switching Careers and make the most of free online college and training courses that will help get you ready for your next gig.

If you care about technocultural change, social media, journalism, learning, and a wealth of topics related to living in a digital world, educator Howard Rheingold’s delicious bookmarks and website will prove to be invaluable resources.

Happy learning!