7 Lucky Links to Share Your Passion & Build Your Business on the Social Web

ValentineSharing your passion on the social web (social media and social networks) can be rewarding for you and for your connections and colleagues. If you’ve thought about increasing the reach reach of your network, joining groups on Facebeook® or LinkedIn® can be a great start. I’ve collected 7 lucky links (+ 1 bonus) to help you think about your strategy in general as well as what including groups could mean for your business network. Link Friday is a regular feature. If you have other links to share we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

It helps to start with a clear understanding the tools themselves.

1. Do you understand the differences between social media and networking in terms of what it means for your strategy?

2. If you’re not using Groups on LinkedIn yet, learn more about them: LinkedIn Groups described and explained.

3. You’re passionate about what you do–get great tips on using LinkedIn to market your business here.

4. Of course social networks are about more than marketing, so try this link for 10o+ ways to rock LinkedIn.

5. And on another network, Facebook Groups explained by Facebook themselves.

6. Mashable compares Facebook Groups and Fan Pages. What makes sense for your business?

7. SearchEngineGuide shares ways to leverage Facebook groups for business

As an extra bonus:

Awesome tips for using Facebook and Twitter for your business from Brian Solis, the author of Engage.