Your Passion + the Social Web

HandymanCreating informational campaigns that promote your passion and your business can raise your profile with different audiences and help you make the most of your social networking efforts. Over the next several weeks I will focus my energies on sharing information about several creative approaches to envisioning and managing content for the social web.

Biology is at the heart of my mission (no pun intended). In her book, In Search of Human Nature, biologist and Conflict Theorist Mary Clark identified three basic needs that all humans share across time, distance, and culture—we all need to bond with others, experience autonomy, and seek out meaning in our lives.

I’ve blogged about the importance of the social web as a tool to fulfill these needs, but what about starting with these fundamentals and letting them drive the content we create?

My need for autonomy leads me to want to develop content in ways that work for me, and to feel like I am expressing myself and what is most important to me through my work. I want to connect with other like-minded people too, as part of my need for bonding. Meaning comes out of my relationships, my learning, and my understanding of the cultural context I exist in—I find meaning as I live, make sense of my experience, and interact with others. I fully expect that this outreach project will add new layers of meaning to my work.

Beyond my friends and followers on different networks, my specific goal for this round of outreach includes connecting with more fellow group members on LinkedIn® and Facebook® because we already share particular interests.

I’ve been passionate about empowerment through self-education all my life, and we live the principles every day at Chaos To Clarity. In fact, one motivation for my passion campaign is to talk about the connections between digital success and self-education so that others can benefit.

And the social web? It offers tremendous opportunity—but like anything else you get out of it what you put in. Have you put off getting involved until you feel like you have something amazing to say? Are you active and still find yourself wanting more? More meaningful interaction, more meaningful conversation, a different level of discourse? If so, join me as I stir up a wave of energy and purpose by sharing my passion in terms that can help other people explore their own.

Current motto: Make your meaning.