Get Video on Your Blog & Facebook Fan Page

Video CameraIncluding video on your website, blog, and Facebook® Fan Page can create interest in your work as well as adding new dimension to your web presence. We love the Flip Video™ camera and many of our clients are using them to capture themselves in action and gather testimonials at events.

If you can imagine video being a good idea for your business or professional presence, then it’s time to consider what goes into a good production. Take the following points into consideration:


  • Use a camera stand for the Flip—people inevitably shake when holding it for a 3 minute interview.
  • Plan on a few minutes to set-up and test before each shoot
  • Make sure to keep the camera and the person in the same spot if you do multiple takes of the same story.
  • Bright light—have it and test before you shoot the final version
  • Volume—when the mic is built into the camera, the camera itself needs to be close to the subject.
  • Plan for silence at beginning and end of each segment—if you need to start over—say “cut” “start over” or whatever then PAUSE (no talking). When you edit the pauses make life much easier.
  • Don’t worry about restarting the camera running when you mess up, just pause then continue. Sometimes it makes sense to do 2-3 takes and pick the best one later. You can even combine the better parts of different takes and edit them together if you know how.


  • It’s very important to listen for background noise and reduce it as much as possible. We once had to lock up a curious cat with a pesky bell during a video shoot in a home.
  • When it comes to composing the seated shot, you will often want to frame the top half of the star in the viewfinder and zoom in so that they fill up much of the screen.
  • If you are shooting multiple segments at the same time and plan to use separately, have the star change clothes (at least shirts) if at all possible.
  • Make sure you have a calm, minimalist background, solid color, or attractive bookshelves, or a wall and plants, something without a ton of visual interest.
  • Watch out for glass, mirrors, and shiny surfaces when you are setting up a video in the field. Sometimes you have no choice—like when we got strange reflections when videoing this testimonial.
  • Glasses may also create strange reflections—test and consider having the star take them off for interviews.


  • Finally, be prepared to edit, or have someone edit your videos for the Web—the value of polishing the final version cannot be underestimated.
  • The flip comes with basic software you can use to edit on your computer so try it first to see if it meets your needs.