One More Reason to Use a Mac for Your Business

LaptopA few days ago I upgraded my Mac® operating system to the latest version Snow Leopard. Unlike Jo’s upgrade to Windows 7, my Mac upgrade was painless. It took under 45 minutes to install. I then restarted my machine and voila—everything worked. There was a glitch: my printer and sound settings went back to the defaults.

A minor glitch and  less than 45 minutes of lost productivity compared to Jo’s many glitches and a lost day of work for a Windows® upgrade. To be fair Jo upgraded Windows XP to Windows 7, while I only upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard—not a comparable jump. However, I been using PCs as long as I have Macs (15+ years) and I’ve never had a major problem with upgrading a Mac. I have spent countless hours hovered over my Windows PC cursing Microsoft and their upgrade process.

While my high-end Mac cost $1500 more  than Jo’s Windows PC, in 3 years I haven’t had any serious downtime do to computer malfunction. Jo, on the other hand, hasn’t been so lucky. So while you may not want to spend the extra money for a home computer, having a Mac as a business computer is a great option. It’s easy to use and has less technical problems than Windows computers. For any business that is computer dependent that’s worth the extra money.

Would you  consider using a Mac for your business?