7 Lucky Extension Links for Google Chrome

Chrome ExtensionsIn Tuesday’s blog post,  I wrote that I made the switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome on both my Mac® & Windows® machines. Below are my must have Chrome extensions. Extensions add additional functionality and customization. They’re super easy to install and don’t require restarting your browser, unlike Firefox Add-ons.

1. AdBlock – Keep ads from annoying you with this must have extension.

2. GMail Checker – Shows the number of new emails in your GMail account with an icon in your menu bar.

3. Google Reader Notifier – Like GMail Checker, it  indicates the number of new items.


4. Aviary Screen Capture – If you need to take screen shots of web pages, this is the extension for you.

5. Bit.ly – Quick access to the Bit.ly URL shortener. A must for Twitter users.

6. Delicious Tools – Quickly access your delicious bookmarks.

7. Forecastfox Weather – Local weather forecast right from your menu bar.

What extensions can’t you live without? Let us know by commenting below.