Google Chrome—Speed, Security, & Ease of Use

ChromeI recently made the switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome on both my Mac® & Windows® machines. Although I have been using Google Chrome on my Windows computer, I held out on my Mac because of the lack of Chrome extensions for the Mac. Chrome extensions are like Firefox Add-ons—they add additional functionality and customization to the browser. As more and more tasks are offloaded from our desktops to online, the ability to customize a browser becomes more important for an efficient and enjoyable online experience. Be sure to check out this upcoming Link Friday’s post for a list of must have Chrome extensions.

Craig DeChantal told us on our Facebook® fan page that he has been using Chrome since last fall. “[It’s the] Fastest browser I’ve used. Makes Firefox look like IE8, and that is NOT a good thing. I believe it is much safer and way easier than IE8, and much easier than Firefox. Both of those take FOREVER to open in comparison, especially Firefox.”

Craig DeLarge agreed with Craig DeChantal and so do I. Check out lifehackers latest speed test in which Chrome performs well. Testing aside my personal experience is the same as both Craigs—Chrome starts up lightening fast compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). For now Chrome also seems to be the safest browser. At the CanSecWest security conference, Chrome was left unhacked for the second year while IE8, Safari, and Firefox were hacked relatively quickly.

Just as important as speed and security, in Google fashion, Chrome’s interface is simple and easy to use. Need help deciding whether to make the switch to Google Chrome? Then read lifehacker’s thoughts on the subject: Which Browser Should I Use: Firefox or Chrome? Notice that IE8 is left out of the equation because as Kathleen Hassinger says, “anything, anything is better than Microsoft, anything.” IE8, while better then IE7, just can’t compare in speed, security, and user-friendliness to Firefox or Chrome.

Are you thinking of making the switch to Google Chrome? Let us know why or what’s holding you back by commenting below.