Introduction to the Social Web

Last Saturday found us, once again, at Cleveland Park Library talking with a local group of computer users—only this time it was with a lovely group of Mac users. You can learn more about the National Capitol Mac Users Group (NCA-MUG) on their website. Attendee experience with social networking ran the gamut from “why?” to “I’m on many networks” and a lively discussion ensued.

Our social web presentation covered social networking strategy, expectations, and privacy, then we introduced the group to the basics of using Twitter, Facebook®, and LinkedIn® for business. If you’d like to have a look at our “Intro to the Social Web” slide deck you’ll find them on Slideshare (don’t miss the Mac-specific tools that can make your life easier). If you’d like to check out the NCA-MUG March Meeting Notes, webmaster Ken Nellis was kind enough to post them as well.