5 Lucky Links: Twitter Hashtags

Twitter HashtagsUse these 5 lucky links to help you figure out how hashtags can improve your time on Twitter. Link Friday is a regular feature. Do you have another one to recommend? Add a comment and let us know.

Are you using Hashtags on Twitter? If you put the # before a topic in your tweet, then you’re on the way to connecting with other people interested in the topic. Learn more about hashtags [#=hash + topic=tag] and the benefits of topical tweeting with the links below.

1. You can search hashtags

2. If you want to know what a tag means, try What the hashtag?! it’s a user-edited “encyclopedia” of tags.

3. Mashable.com tells you how to get the most out of hashtags.

4. Search Engine Journal has the Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags.

5.  Job Seeker Bonus* Check out Career Rocketeer’s post with 100 hashtags for your job search.