6 Lucky Links for Free and Low Cost Mac Applications

LaptopUse these lucky (cuz we did all the work) links from our collection on delicious to find some great low cost and free applications for your Mac®. Link Friday is a regular feature. Do you have another one to recommend? Add a comment and let us know.

1. Uninstalling applications on a Mac is easy compared to a Windows® machine. CleanApp makes uninstalling applications even easier.

2. Wonder what’s taking up so much space on your computer? Disk Inventory X gives you a visual map (treemap) of your hard drive, making it easier to clean it up.

3. Licensekeeper stores the all important software licensing numbers. One of the best features is that it scans emails for the software titles and serial numbers so for downloaded software there is nothing to input. It also stores as an attachment the orignial email and related documents.

4. Audacity® is a great open source recording and editing software.

5. NeoOffice® is an open source office suite for the Mac. It is based on OpenOffice.org office suite and is a great alternative to Office 2008. It can read Microsoft Office formats.

6. Flip4Mac Windows Media® Components for QuickTime allows you to play Windows Media files on your Mac and is a must in a Windows dominated world.