Out and About on the Web? You Need Digital Survival Skills!

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Hot SpotDigital survival includes keeping you, your data, and your computer safe on the Web. Protecting your computer with antivirus and a firewall, backing up your data, and keeping your software up-to-date are crucial parts of the plan, so if you’re not confident in your knowledge it’s time to take charge of your education.

Confused by antivirus program options? The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has answers.

Need more info on firewalls? Take a look at reviews on sites like All-Internet-Security.com

You know it’s important to make good decisions about which emails and attachments you open, but when’s the last time you reviewed the security settings in your browser? Check out this great overview and list of suggestions from US-CERT.

Deciding which websites to trust gets easier when you know what the scammers are up to. If you’re not sure what phishing is all about, Microsoft offers a useful phishing overview and Wombat Security Technologies has Anti-phishing Phil —a fun and informative game to help you learn better decision making skills.

And finally, staying safe means BACKING UP YOUR DATA! If you want the latest reviews on backup software,  look for sites that make comparison shopping easy—like TopTenReviews.com. Or try online data backup and look for the service that best fits your needs, Lifehacker.com comes through again with a solid list of its top 5 online backup tools.

Finally, KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UP-TO-DATE! I can’t yell that loudly enough 🙂 Even though updates can be inconvenient at times, security updates plug holes, fix known vulnerabilities, and generally do more good than harm. If your machine is mission critical for your business, don’t forget that full-system backups before making changes/doing updates will give you added peace of mind because you can always roll-back your system if something goes awry.

When it comes to staying safe, the first step doesn’t have to be a doozy—but you have to do some research and take control. The sooner the better!