Surviving the Digital Decades to Come

HikerWhat will it take for you to survive the next decade in our digital world? Are you comfortable learning technology (new hardware and software) when you need to?

If not, it’s time to get started. Over the years I’ve taught many people how to think about educating themselves, and I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Stay tuned to learn more about some of the key issues in my next few Wednesday posts.

First of all, mindset matters. Lots of people don’t feel capable of overseeing their own education, but at the same time they want to take charge on some level (witness the immense market for self-help books, programs, etc.). Our education system, with its focus on the past and learning “the cannon” or “the masters” in any given field, hasn’t really helped to encourage empowerment through self-education.

What has helped? The Internet.

As information becomes more freely and widely available beyond corporate or University libraries, we have new opportunities to access quality data and direct our own learning. The tide turns as the pace of change accelerates, information becomes more freely available, and communication technologies change the ways we stay connected and spread ideas.

Learning and adapting are central to survival—and humans are tremendous survivors. We will learn to adapt to the realities of the coming decade one way or another, the question is “How?”

I suggest starting with yourself, your knowledge base, and your skills.

Ask yourself, “How will I shape my future when I am more confident in the digital world?”