Digital Survival Skills

Life PreserverWe live in a digital world, so you need to know how to get things done with computers and the Web. But most of us learned how to use computers on the fly, and many aren’t really confident. Or we feel overwhelmed when things change and we have to re-learn what we thought we knew.

Tired of it? Make a change and learn basic Digital Survival™ strategies and skills.

I’m not suggesting that you must take a crash course (although we do offer bootcamps) but the sooner you start paying attention to the essentials of digital survival the better.

Just notice them at first.

Aikido and intuition expert Wendy Palmer writes “Energy follows attention. Wherever we focus our attention, our energy follows” (225). If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it can help to focus your attention differently. She gives the example of her student, an athlete, who thought of themselves as a sprinter and worried about having enough stamina. One day the student remembered that energy follows attention and stopped directing their attention towards a power vs stamina story, turning their attention to the possibility of success instead. Attention to the possibility of success led to improved skills, better stamina, and better performance. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Lots of people feel overwhelmed by computers or social networking. They’re afraid the digital world is leaving them behind. It’s understandable, but it won’t help to focus your attention on worrying about what you don’t know.

Focus your attention on an activity that matters, learning the essentials, and you’ll soon be more confident and skilled with computers and the Web.

If you focus your attention on the activity itself—how you actually learn digital survival skills—your energy will follow. Your skills will improve and so will your confidence. Living better in a digital world starts with the decision to take charge of your education going forward and develop the skills you need to:

  1. TAKE CHARGE of your education.
  2. BE SAFE: protect your data, your privacy, and your computer.
  3. MANAGE information and files on your computer.
  4. BE WEB SAVVY: save time and money, learn, work, and have fun.
  5. CONNECT: email, social networking, Skype, etc.…be as connected as you want to be.
  6. SOLVE PROBLEMS and TROUBLESHOOT when something goes wrong (and it will).

You can do more than just get by when it comes to computers and the Web.

Digital Survival™ Education
hange your relationship to technology and change your life.


Confident with the basics? Our Digital Success™ programs teach the strategies and skills that professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners need to succeed in a digital world.