6 Lucky Links on Search Tips & Twitter Tracking

HatEnjoy these lucky links from our collection on delicious. Do you have another one to recommend? Add a comment and let us know. Link Friday is a regular feature.

The more you know when you’re searching for specifics, it helps to know the lingo.

1. 12 Quick tips to search Google like an expert—from Hubspot – Take your search to the next level with these great tips and more in the comments.

2. Google Help : Cheat Sheet – Google’s own take on improving your search using its tools. Great Stuff!

And when you want to follow trends or topic on Twitter, you’ve got quite a few options.

3. 7 Top Twitter Topic Trackers – Tools for keeping up with whatever interests you on Twitter.

4. 8 Sites For Tracking Twitter Trends and Popular Topics – Need help keeping up with the latest buzz?

5. How To: Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Features – When you need to fine tune or save a search—you can even bring Twitter search to your blog.

6. Twitter Search – Twitter’s native search