Face To Face Networking with a Digital Assist from Meetup.com [Video]

Meetup.com is a great website /service that makes it easy for people to get together locally and “Do something • Learn Something • Share Something • Change Something” as they say on their website. Meetup.com lets you connect with other people who share your interests, and you (usually) meet face to face.

Meetups are a great addition to your social networking efforts—nothing replaces getting out and meeting people face to face if they’re in your local area. Since all the information is online, you can easily search for groups you’d like to join. You can also start your own group and use the site to manage it.

We recently had a great presentation/conversation about social networking with local entrepreneurs from the DC Spotter meetup group.  It’s a great group organized by Lee Odess and supported by Jennifer Odess (married entrepreneurs who were recently featured in the Washington Post Business Section). The group’s mission is to support the entrepreneurial and professional goals of young professionals in the DC metro area.

So find your group. Or start one. Face to face networking can be an important addition to your online efforts, not to mention fun.