7 Lucky LinkedIn® Links for Job Seekers and Professionals

Job Openings SignEnjoy these 7 lucky LinkedIn® links from our collection on delicious. Do you have another one to recommend? Let us know by adding a comment. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. LinkedIn SuperGuide -Tutorials, Tips and Tools – Answering the power user call is easier with this wonderful collection of resources from Interactive Insights Group.

2. Social Media Sonar » Blog Archive » Can LinkedIn Work for You? (part 1 of 10) – Check out Sean Nelson’s updated blog post series on making LinkedIn work for you. Most people never take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer, what will you do?

3. LinkedIn® Job Seekers and Professionals Video Series – Chaos To Clarity’s very own video series to get you started with LinkedIn covers setting up an account, getting started on your profile, and telling a compelling story.

4. YouTube – LinkedIn ’09 Grad Guide – 09 Grads need all the help they can get–here’s a video to put LinkedIn into perspective.

5. Write Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Future – Chris Brogan suggests creating a profile to fit your future–odds are you won’t keep doing what you’ve done in the past. A future-oriented profile has power, it’s way more than a recap of what’s come before.

6. LinkedIn™ Snipers: Beware! 5 ways to lose your account – Great cautions to keep your LinkedIn account in good standing from Nate Kievman, an expert on marketing yourself and your business on LinkedIn.

7. 4 Minutes to Optimize a LinkedIn Profile for SEO – Remember the search engines when you create your profile. Hubspot has a great video to help with your SEO (search engine optimization).