LinkedIn® Job Seekers and Professionals Series [Video]

Looking for all 3 videos in our LinkedIn® Job Seekers and Professionals Video Series? Look no further—here they are.

Get started! LinkedIn® Job Seekers and Professionals

LinkedIn® is the social networking site for job seekers and professionals. Are you there yet?

If not, don’t worry. This video will help you sign up for LinkedIn® and get your privacy settings in order. Digital Survival™ is all about taking charge of your computer and your web presence—that includes protecting your privacy and understanding the implications of the choices you make about computers and the Web. When you put your best foot forward right from the start, you’ll feel more confident and know that you’re making the system work for you.

Get Started on Your Profile: LinkedIn® Job Seekers and Professionals

After you’ve signed up and taken charge of your profile privacy settings on LinkedIn® , it’s time to take a look at the different components of your profile. We’re reviewing many of those today so that you can start collecting your information and thinking about how to present yourself. Digital Success™ demands effective communication as much as understanding technology and our changing social context.

Your Profile Story: LinkedIn® for Job Seekers and Professionals

Life is complex and often complicated. The story you tell doesn’t have to be. If you’re a professional or job seeker, it may be obvious that your digital survival demands a web presence these days—and LinkedIn® is a great place to be.

In this video, I hope to get you thinking about options for telling your professional story on LinkedIn. I give some direction, encouraged you to plan sensibly, and leave you space to work out the details. One way or another, every field on LinkedIn offers you a chance to shape your message. Take full advantage of it.