13 Lucky Links for Digital Success

LogosI put together these 13 lucky (cuz we did all the work) links to Firefox add-ons that are essential for success in a digital world. Like what you see? Then take yourself over to our Digital Success collection to easily install these add-ons. Don’t forget to add the Mozilla Firefox Add-on Collector and add the Digital Success collection to your favorites to help you manage your add-ons. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. AutoCopy – Save mouse clicks by automatically copying selected text to your computer’s clipboard.

2. Delicious Bookmarks – Quickly access your delicious bookmarks with this must have add-on.

3. Evernote Web Clipper – Easily add clips from web pages to your Evernote account.

4. Facebook Toolbar – Use Facebook directly from your Firefox toolbar. Great time saver if you’re a Facebook fanatic.

5. Greasemonkey – Allows you to take customizing Firefox to the next level with a library of hundreds of scripts.

6. Kutano – Wondering what people are saying about a particular webpage. Kutano is a Firefox add-on that shows tweets about the page you are viewing in a sidebar. Know what people are saying without opening up twitter.

7. LinkedIn Companion for Firefox – Make using LinkedIn even easier by using it directly from your Firefox toolbar. Great integration of JobsInsider.

8. NoScript – Allow scripts to run only from websites you trust.  A great way to protect yourself from the big bad Internet.

9. ScrapBook – Great way to save web pages and organize them. A handy sidebar lets you easily view your collection.

10. SEO Blogger – Great sidebar tool to find popularly search keywords to use in your blog post. Increases your opportunities of readers finding your blog through search.

11. TwitterBar – Post tweets directly from your address bar. Easily share web pages too.

12. WordPress Helper – Great if you run several blog and are a WordPress heavy hitter.

13. Zotero – Created for academics Zotero is a great Firefox add-on that allows you to collect and manage your web resources.