Your Profile Story: LinkedIn® for Job Seekers and Professionals Series [Video]

Life is complex and often complicated. The story you tell doesn’t have to be. If you’re a professional or job seeker, it may be obvious that your digital survival demands a web presence these days—and LinkedIn® is a great place to be.

In today’s vlog (video blog)  post, I hope to get you thinking about options for telling your professional story on LinkedIn. I gave some direction, encouraged you to plan sensibly, and left you space to work out the details.

One way or another, every field on LinkedIn offers you a chance to shape your message. Take full advantage of it.


It’s later than not and there’s a Project Runway marathon on Lifetime. [Bravo lost that round.] Fittingly enough (no pun intended) the designers are re-purposing wedding gowns for now happily un-wed women.

Even under impossible-feeling circumstances, re-interpretation can be a beautiful thing.

So can your profile…

I’m hearing Tim Gunn.

“Make it work.”