13 Lucky Links for Digital Survival

LogosI put together these 13 lucky (cuz we did all the work) links to Firefox add-ons that are essential for surviving in a digital world. Like what you see? Then take yourself over to our Digital Survival collection to easily install these add-ons. Don’t forget to add the Mozilla Firefox Add-on Collector and add the Digital Survival collection to your favorites to help you manage your add-ons. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. Adblock Plus – Rid yourself of annoying adds.

2. ColorfulTabs – Simple but great idea. Every tab appears in a different color making tab browsing an easier and more colorful experience.

3. CoolPreviews – Preview links without leaving your current page. When you mouse over a link, a thumbnail of the linked page appears.

4. Firefox Showcase – Great for those who keep multiple tabs open. Shows thumbnails of open pages in a single window, tab or sidebar.

5. Forecastbar Enhanced – Local weather forecast right from your statusbar.

6. Gmail Manager – New email notification from within Firefox. Works with multiple accounts.

7. Google Toolbar – Bring Google search directly to your browser toolbar. It makes it even easier to search Google by offering instant suggestions. It also spell checks online forms, which can come in handy if you’re a lousy typist or speller.

8. GooglePreview – Adds thumbnail previews to Google’s search results making finding the website you’re looking for easier. Thanks to Gabe Goldberg for letting us know about this one.

9. Read It Later – Do you have lots of web pages you want to read later? Read It Later allows you to collect web pages to look at, well, later. A major plus is the ability to sync your collection with other computers!

10. Screenshot Pimp – Handy plug-in for taking screen shots of web pages. Next time you get an error from a website you’re visiting, take a screen shot and send to to the webmaster.

11. Send Tab URLs – Allows you to email a list of URLs from all tabs in the current Firefox window. Great time saver.

12. Tab To Window – Lets you move or copy a tab to a new window or combine multiple windows into one quickly and easily.

13. URL Fixer – Fixes your typos in the address bar. Great if your typing challenged like we sometimes are.