Lucky 13 Twitter Time Waster Links

HourglassI put together these 13 lucky (cuz we did all the work) twitter time waster links from ones we’ve been collecting on delicious. Of course one person’s time waster is another one’s productivity. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. Tonight Show Twitter Tracker – The hilarious Twitter Tracker hasn’t appeared on the Tonight Show in months but it still a good laugh. You’ll find links to the clips at the bottom of the Twitter Tracker page.

2. Tweeting Too Hard – Note as good as Twitter tracker but worth a look.

3. Cursebird: What the f#@! is everyone swearing about? – Want to know how pure or not so pure you are on Twitter. Type your Twitter handle into Cursebird and let the feathers fly.

4. Happy Tweets – Are you “ridiculously happy”, “pretty happy” or “insanely unhappy”. Happy Tweets will give you the answer.

5. Twitter Followers Statistics – Check out a graph of the rise and fall of your followers over the last 3 months.

6. TweetStats – How many tweets per day do you average? What time of the day do you tweet the most? TweetStats gives you the answer.

7. TweetValue – How much is your profile worth? Look to TweetValue when you have nothing better to do.

8. Pipes – Create a global map of where your Twitter friends are located.

9. TopFollowFriday – The original purpose of FollowFriday (to name one person to follow and why) has been overcome by tweets with list of usernames. It has lost much of its usefulness, but if you have some time to kill check out where you rank.

10. What The Trend? – What to know why a term is trending on Twitter. What The Trend attempts to answer why.

11. Trendistic – Ever pondered the trend of a specific word on Twitter over the last 30 days. Trendistic will tell you along with the current trending topics.

12. Trendsmap – Real-time mapping of Twitter trends overlaid on a global map. See what’s hot in your region.

13. Tweetag – See what’s trending on Twitter and what people are saying about it.

Have a Twitter time waster? Let us know by adding a comment below. Happy time wasting!